Phil 2: 5-11

St. Paul reminds us about the humility of Christ. He begins by asking us to have the same mind of Christ. He presents Christ as a model to the Christians in Philippi. Before getting into the christological hymn Paul tells them to cultivate the virtue of lowliness(vv.2-4). This virtue entails counting others better than yourself. We are naturally inclined to think of ourselves as better than others. Pride is a disordered self-love by which we exalt ourselves over others. It is the attitude of “I am first.” Paul tells us to first look into the interests of others. Instead of being self focussed, humility is focussing on others and it is rooted in love of God. Paul grounds this virtue of humility in the imitation Christ. The reason why we should exercise humility is that is what Christ did. The reason why you should think of others first is that is what Christ did. That was the “mind of Christ.”