Bruder Klaus Church

Welcome to our Community! We look forward to meeting you in person. Please register using the linked form below so we can reach you, so you can volunteer, or so you can send your children to Religious Education classes.

Top Reasons to Register

Community registration is important and should be considered for many reasons, such as:

  • A sense of belonging and identity in our community.
  • A commitment to practice your faith.
  • Registration enables the chaplain and our community to get to know you better, welcome you and minister to you. This is especially important during a time of crisis so that the chaplain can attend to your spiritual needs and those of your family.
  • Registration helps you stay connected with our community and helps our community stay connected with you. Providing your contact information is important so we can provide you timely updates via email. Once registered, please notify us of any changes in address or phone number via email. Your data will not be shared.
  • Registered and active members are eligible for celebrating sacraments such as Baptisms, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation.

Join Us During Mass

There are many ways to volunteer and be active in our community. Click on the individual Ministries to learn more about them.
When you sign up to volunteer in the community you can independently manage your availability in the volunteer scheduling system ( so you are only scheduled when you are available to help.
If you would like to volunteer in one or more of the roles, please send us an email. Thank you for volunteering!

The friendly face that greets everyone at the door, hands out the song books and bulletins. The hospitality minister is at church 30 minutes before Mass to setup and welcome those entering church with a smile. They choose a family/couple to bring up the gifts and receive and put away the song books at the end of Mass.

Parents can also sign up with a child.

Be active in our community through song! The choir consists of adults who like to sing. They practice each Sunday before Mass from 4:45 pm.

The choir enjoys a yearly all day workshop (Saturday) and strives to perform one special musical arrangement. See our YouTube Channel for some past concerts and to hear the choir.

Children who have received First Communion assist the priest in setup before and cleanup after Mass and on the altar during the celebration. Children signing up to be an altar server will receive a video training and will be scheduled only with experienced altar servers for the first few times.

People who are confirmed bring the Gospel book to the altar during the opening hymn, read either the first or second reading, read the petitions and any announcements and join the priest back to the sacristy during the closing hymn carrying the Gospel book.

During the readings and homily, children under the age of 7 can join the Word of God (a 15-20 minute program) teacher and helper to hear the children’s version of the reading/gospel and do a small craft. We encourage parents with children who attend to consider teaching a Word of God class every now and then. Children’s readings and craft suggestions are provided.

For our youngest members we have a nursery set up during Mass which you can visit as needed. If you are interested in having your child in our nursery, or would like to volunteer to help care for the children in the nursery, please fill out the Nursery Registration form.

People who are confirmed assist Father in offering the Body and Blood of Christ during Communion. Adults who sign up will receive a short training before being scheduled with other Eucharistic Ministers.

Other Ways to be Active in the Community

Our Community stays connected every day of the week. Click on the different things happening in our Community to learn more about them.
If you would like to connect with any of these activities, please send us an email. We look forward to welcoming you!

We offer Religious Education for children from an introduction to the New Testament (RE1), preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (RE2), preparation for First Communion (RE3), a Workshop for children who have copleted RE1-3 but are too young to be confirmed (Workshop), and preparation for Confirmation (Confirmation).

These classes cannot be offered without the generous teachers / assistants in our community so if your child is attending / has attended Religious Education classes, please consider volunteering in one of these roles. Even adults can sign up as an assistant if you do not feel qualified to teach.

Please see the Religious Education page for further details.

Once per month at 7:00 pm men of our church community reflect on and share their faith in a social setting. See the calendar for meeting dates.

Upcoming Men in Faith weekend retreat Sept 19-20
at the Kloster Visitation in Solothurn from Saturday morning to Sunday lunchtime. The retreat will be led by Father Antony Kolencherry and we will be hosted by the sisters of sacred sciences. All men are welcome. If you are interested in joining, please send us an email. You can also contact Chris Fux directly at Mass on Sunday. All other details about cost and agenda will be shared with participants at a later stage.

Once per month at 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm women of our church Community reflect on and share their faith in a social setting. Some activities are: Light dinner & snacks, Opening prayer, Different topics of faith, Taizé songs, Closing prayer. See the calendar for meeting dates.

Upcoming Fall Women’s Retreat – Mariastein
The Women in Faith group will hold a Retreat in the Fall at the Klosterhotel Kreuz, Mariastein led by Deacon Rudy Villareal from Zürich. Interested women are very welcome to join. Send us an email to sign up. More details follow soon.

Basel University has a Catholic group with specific events for International Students. They have extended an invitation to the Young Adults of our community to participate (not necessary to be a university student). Please check their website for information on their events

We have regular coffee socials after Mass in the hall downstairs and host other potluck dinners and picnics as a community. We are always looking for volunteers to help setup and cleanup. The community usually gathers together to provide food so no cooking is required.

The beautiful flower arrangements on the altar are thanks to the handful of volunteers who take two Saturday mornings per month to pickup and arrange the flowers in the church.

Do you have interest in starting a new group for our community? We would love to hear your idea in an email.