Lk 17:11-19

‘Jesus, Master!’ Take pity on us’. This was the cry of the ten lepers. Jesus responded to their desperate plight and healed them of their leprosy. While the other nine kept going, delighted with their healing, the Samaritan alone turned back to the source of his healing, to God and to Jesus through whom God had worked. The Samaritan encountered God in Jesus. This healing was for him not just an experience of good fortune. The other nine forgot about God in their good fortunes. He inspires us to be attentive to the ways that the Lord is touching our lives in the course of our day. Many a time we focus on the gift at the cost of forgetting the source of the gift. It is only to the Samaritan that Jesus says, ‘Your faith as saved you’. Whereas all ten received the gift of physical health, he alone received the gift of salvation, which is the fruit of faith.