ESRCCB Annual General Meeting – AGM – Sunday, June 6 after Mass

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Many of your children would have been Confirmed by Bishop Felix Gmür at our annual Confirmation Mass. Over the years, the closing hymn for the Confirmation Mass has been the hymn “Go Make a Difference”, which is a rallying call for the newly Confirmed to indeed go and make a difference ….”…to be the light of the world, not to be hidden but be seen,……… be the spirit of hope, … the voice of peace….to go and make a difference in the world”

Our rallying call after many months of restrictions in our ability to worship is also about making a difference, about YOU personally really being able to make a difference.

So why not join us at our AGM this Sunday after Mass (in the Bruder Klaus Hall or online via Zoom) and help us to make a difference as part of our Faith Community, serving and growing in the  love of Christ.

We look forward to welcoming you at the AGM! (Masks and keeping social distance are required.) 

And now some more good news …

Owing to the recent easing of restrictions, registration for our regular weekly Mass is no longer required. However, wearing of masks and maintaining distance remain mandatory.

For the additional Masses on 13 June (First Reconciliation) and 20 June (First Holy Communion) registration for the participants remains mandatory. Regular Mass at 17.30 on these days does not require registration.

We will continue with the live streaming of Mass for the time being.