We are Roman Catholics from around the world gathering together to celebrate Communion and share in the Sacraments.

Bruder Klaus Kirche

5:30 pm

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Important Events

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Thursdays at St. Anton from 7:30 am
Adult Faith Formation Online Lent Retreat: Feb 26
Confession: Mar 1, 8, 15 and 22 at 4:45-5:15 pm in downstairs chapel
Sundays of Lent: Mar 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29 at 5:30 pm
Religious Education: Mar 22 & Apr 26
Men in Faith Meetings: Mar 20, Apr 24, May 9-10 retreat, Jun 19, Aug 21, Sep 18, Oct 23 and Nov 20
Women in Faith Meetings: Mar 20-21 retreat, Apr 24, May 29, Jun 19, Aug 21, Sep 18, Oct 23 and Nov 20
Children’s Pilgrimage in Lourdes: Apr 10-17
Soup Sunday: Mar 22 after mass.
Annual General Meeting (AGM): Apr 26 after Mass in downstairs hall serving wine and cheese
Confirmation Mass: May 24 Mass begins at 3:00 pm with apero immediately following
First Holy Communion Mass: Jun 7 – Mass begins at 3:00 pm with apero immediately following
Hummelfest: Aug 29-30 (details to follow on calendar)
Click here for the full Calendar of events

Mass changes due to coronavirus

Until further notice the following regulations regarding the liturgies in our community are in place, according to the diocesan policy and WHO guidance for mass gatherings:

  • The sign of peace is no longer offered by handshake. A friendly nod to the right and left is also an appropriate sign.
  • Receiving communion is only possible by hand.
  • The chalice is temporarily not distributed to the congregation during our liturgies.
  • There is no holy water available at the entrance doors of the churches.

We ask for your understanding and thank you for your cooperation.
Your ESRCCB Council
Basel, Feb 27, 2020


Homecoming Message from Father Sibi

Dear friends, we are at the threshold of the Holy Season of Lent. Lent is a time of penance, a time of reflection and a time for prayer. We prepare ourselves for the greatest mystery of our faith, the resurrection of our Lord.

As a part of this preparation, I would like to reflect with you on the theme Lent, as a Homecoming. Every home is a place of noble memories. Home calls us back. The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 19 presents a beautiful story of Homecoming, the return of the Prodigal Son. It is interesting to note that the prodigal son comes to his senses when he thinks about the situation. He compares his present condition with that of his past at home and decides to return to his loving father as a paid servant. His father, however, accepts him not as a servant, but as his son and restores his fortunes. The return to the loving Father is an invitation to a new life. Have we gone astray from the circle of love of the Heavenly Father? Probably none of us are completely lost, but still there are areas in our lives where we need to return to the love of the Father. Especially, we should reflect on the chances we have wasted to do good and to be merciful towards our brothers and sisters, which is referred to as the sin of omission.

The Greek word for repentance which is used in the New Testament is “Metanoia”, which is a transformative change of heart and a complete conversion. Suppose you are driving on the highway and suddenly realize you are driving in the wrong direction! What to do? You will surely make a U-turn. This is what metanoia means. Realizing that we have gone away from the love of the Father, we return to his loving arms. We return Home. This Homecoming needs courage to leave behind whatever is holding us back from returning to a life of holiness. The church suggests three ways to make our return fruitful: almsgiving, prayer, and fasting. Let us begin this journey Home, placing all our hope in God.

Father Sibi

Adult Faith Formation Online Lent Retreat

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are a congregation of movers and doers but with a deep love for our faith always thirsting and seeking Our Lord. So excited to introduce an Online Retreat this year, so you will be able to grow spiritually wherever you are during Lent. God has blessed this ministry. I know this to be true as the books were held in Customs since Feb. 8th I prayed: “Lord, the books have to be here by this Friday. Help!” and I asked the Parish Council to start praying as well. God heard our prayers. On Thursday evening, I received an email that the books had arrived. Our Lord is so beautiful, and I am so thankful! Let us embrace the gift He has given us.

The Ignatian Workout for Lent is forty days of reflection, prayer and action written by Mr. Tim Muldoon. His introduction titled: “Becoming a Spiritual Athlete” is creative and I love this metaphor: Whether we run, walk, swim or bike to the finish line of life, there is an end and the prize is Salvation. Mr. Muldoon invites us to ‘grow in love and transformation’. Are you ready to grow in love?

GET READY: GET SET: GO!!! or as we say in Switzerland “HOP!!!”:

Click on and save link below. You will revisit this page throughout Lent every Monday or on a specific event listed in the outline for the audio reflections given. The audio reflections are about 3 minutes long and the exercises takes about 10 minutes to complete. Begin each exercise by reading the short reflections then contemplate and discern as you form your prayer. Lastly, Mr. Muldoon sends us out to DO which is the action part of the exercise. How beautiful that he is creating little Holy Moments so we can become holier.


Be sure to pick up your Lent Retreat Books this Sunday.

If you’ve any questions, please email: info@esrccb.org and I’ll do my best to assist you.

In Jesus and Mary, Liza Oprandi


Lenten Prayer Intentions

You are invited to submit Lenten intentions, especially for those who are suffering or bearing difficult burdens to: info@esrccb.org. These will be offered during the Fifth Sunday of Lent Mass March 29th.

  • Almsgiving: All collections taken during Lent, as well as the proceeds from Soup Sunday and RE Lenten Flower Boxes will be donated to 2 charities. One charity is Fastenopfer, which we support as part of the Bishops Appeal The second charity this year is, Kinderhilfe Bethlehem
  • Prayer: Did you know that when you have the sense or desire to pray, it is God who placed it there? As Catholics, we are called to pray at least 15 minutes a day. Please consider praying the rosary and reflecting on the mysteries during this time. Let us also consider praying for more consecrated men and women, for each other and for the conversion of sinners.
  • Fasting: Fasting is hard. To give up coffee, alcohol, gadgets or skip a meal can be onerous. When we think of the excruciating pains Jesus Christ felt when they hammered nails into his hands and feet, going without is nothing compared to what He endured for our sins. 

Religious Education News

Lenten Collection by Religious Education Students
On Sunday, Feb 16 all Religious Education students received a flowerpot! We are preparing the young people for Lent this year by asking them to convert the flowerpot into a Lenten money box. We thank parents for working weekly with their children to help serve, to reflect, and think about God. At Mass on Apr 26, all 66 RE students will process and leave their donations on the altar.

Soup Sunday March 22
Our Confirmation candidates will have an integral part in our social after mass on Sunday, Mar 22. We hope you can help us make this year’s Soup Sunday a great success! We need volunteers to make a pot of soup for our Soup Sunday – why not prepare a soup from your country of origin, allowing the different soup dishes to reflect our diversity? Sign-up at the back of the church on the bulletin board, or email us.

Confirmation Mass May 24
Mass begins at 3:00 pm with apero immediately following. We hope you can join us on this joyous occasion celebrating our youth members.

First Holy Communion Mass June 7
Mass begins at 3:00 pm with apero immediately f
ollowing. We hope you can join us on this joyous occasion celebrating our young members.

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