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  • Religious Education Friday, June 24th, 2022

    We hope you will join us for Mass on Sunday to pray for safe travels and happy holidays for all our community members.

    Holiday message from Father Sibi:

    In the past weeks we were busy with our different sacramental celebrations. 7 of our young adults received the Sacrament of Confirmation and 10 of our young boys and girls received their First Holy Communion. Now the school holidays are approaching and many of you will be visiting your family and relatives. Of course, this is summer break. Vacations are a wonderful way to step out of your daily routine to get some rest, have an adventure and spend quality time with your family. But that does not mean you should take a vacation from your faith. If you are travelling try to find a Catholic Church nearby so you can participate in Sunday Mass. We wish you all the best and we pray for you. God Bless, Fr. Sibi

    Religious Education:

    On-line registration for the RE program for 2022/23 is now possible. Please register as soon as possible to help with our planning for the new year.

    Religious Education Registration – English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Basel (esrccb.org)

    • Save the dates (details to follow):
    • 21 August – Welcome Apero after Sunday Mass
    • 3 and 4 September – Hummelfest – Mass at 10.30 on Sunday morning.
    • 25 September – Mass at 15:00 followed by a picnic.

    Happy Holidays and Safe Travels. We look forward to welcoming you back to Mass in August well rested and full of enthusiasm 😊

  • New Kids on the Block….results from the Annual General Meeting Monday, May 16th, 2022

    At the AGM held on Sunday after Mass, Maria Calderon Nocera, our Chairperson for the past 4 years, resigned from her position for personal reasons. On behalf of us all a great thank you to Maria for her dedication in successfully leading the Council these past 4 years. Not only did she have to introduce Father Sibi to the functioning of our community, but also had the challenge of guiding us through the pandemic. Thanks Maria for all your efforts.

    We are also sad to say goodbye to Betty Sam Mathew who is our liaison to Heiliggeist Parish of whom we are a part. Betty will vacate her position on our Council but will remain on the HG Council and provide us with any information relevant for our community until the end of her term in June 2023. Thanks Betty, and as always, we keep the communication channels open.

    Welcome to Mandy Ward who has joined the Council in the role of Treasurer. Mandy is already an active member of our community serving as a Lector as well as RE Teacher. Joe Paola, who served as Treasurer for the past 10 years, agreed to take on the role as Chairperson for the Council.

    Christian Doeringer (Secretary), Monika Kelly (Religious Education), Pat Falcigno (Communications) Nora Lienhard, and Laura Mckeaveney (Social team) all remain in their roles.

    Last but not least, Father Sibi will remain in Switzerland to continue his studies allowing him to continue guiding us spiritually in his role as Community Priest.

    We look forward to serving you in the year ahead.

  • ESRCCB Annual General Meeting – AGM – Sunday, May 15 after Mass Saturday, May 7th, 2022

    You most probably wonder why we are asking you to be spontaneous…..

    In 1995 the ESRCCB Council was established to formalize structures as members of the community at the time took on more and more responsibilities.

    Notwithstanding the impact of the pandemic during the past 2 years our community has thrived since its inception.

    We are a community of between 150 and 250 families
    ~50 children have been baptized in our community.
    ~ 400 children have received their First Holy Communion in our community
    ~ 300 young adults have received the Sacrament of Confirmation in our community.

    In 2005 the community produced and staged the musical Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat raising over CHF6’000-00 for an Indian charity.

    We have performed the Christmas Cantatas “Let the Whole World Sing” and “The Canticle of Christmas” to raise funds for charity.

    Annual Retreats/Workshops during Lent and Advent

    Not to forget the many social activities which take place on a regular basis……

    All of the above was achieved with volunteers. Our community only functions due to all the volunteers who offer their time to keep our community spirit alive and thriving. And at the AGM we will again be asking for volunteers to continue the important work which has been achieved by and through volunteers these past 27 years.

    Spontaneous derives from the Latin word “sponte” meaning voluntarily….. so our request to you is to be spontaneous and join us at this year’s Annual General Meeting….

    Volunteering is not only required for Council positions but an offering of your time to assist in planning events, teaching our youth and organizing meetings and generally helping the community.

    We look forward to seeing many of you at the AGM after Mass on Sunday 15 May, and if not to volunteer, then at least to thank those that are able to volunteer for their continued efforts in keeping our community functioning.

    Cheese and wine will be served after the AGM.

Father's Posts

  • Matthew 13:24-30 Saturday, July 24th, 2021

    Jesus in today’s parable was warning us against a premature separation of wheat from weed, of the good from the bad. He was saying that this kind of separation is really God’s work, not our work and that it will happen at the end of time rather than in the course of time. Just as the servants in the parable would have been unable to distinguish the wheat from the weeds if they had been let loose, we do not always have the necessary insight to distinguish who is good and who is evil. We can get it terribly wrong; we only have to think of those innocent people who have been wrongly imprisoned. How often in our own personal lives have we judged someone harshly only to discover in time that we were very wide of the mark. Too great a zeal to purify the wheat field risks doing more harm than good. A weed-free garden may be highly desirable, but the gospel today suggests that we may have to learn to live with weeds. We need to be patient with imperfection, in ourselves and in others. As we know only too well, life is not tidy. It is not like a well-manicured garden, in which order and harmony prevail. Each of us is a mixture of wheat and weed; we are each tainted by sin and yet touched by grace. Our calling is to grow in grace before God and others, as Jesus did. We look to him to help us to keep on turning from sin and growing in grace.

  • Feast of Mary Magdalene – John 20:1-2, 11-18 Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

    According to the gospels, Mary Magdalene was one of the women disciples who followed Jesus in Galilee. She stood with the other women looking on as Jesus was crucified. She witnessed the burial of Jesus by Joseph of Arimathea. She went to the tomb with other women early on the first day of the week. It is the gospel of John that highlights the role of Mary Magdalene on Easter Sunday. The tears we shed at a graveside flow from our love for the person who has died. On that first Easter Sunday, Mary seems to have been alone weeping outside the tomb. Yet, she was not really alone. The one for whom she wept was present to her, even though she did not recognize him, ‘she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, though she did not recognize him’. She thought she was seeing the gardener. The risen Lord is always present to us in our moments of sadness and grief, in our times of struggle and distress. Like Mary Magdalene, we don’t always recognize the Lord’s presence. We can be so absorbed by our grief or by our plight that we struggle to see beyond it. At such times, we often need to find a quiet moment to become aware of the risen Lord’s presence and to hear him speak our name, as he spoke Mary’s name to her. It was when the stranger spoke her name that she recognized him as the risen Lord. As Jesus, the risen Lord, said to Mary Magdalene, he has ascended to his Father and our Father, to his God and our God, but he is also present among us and present to each one of us personally, especially in times of loss and struggle. The feast day of Mary Magdalene invites us to allow ourselves to become more aware of the risen Lord’s presence and to become attuned to his calling us by name.

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