We are Roman Catholics from around the world gathering together to celebrate Communion and share in the Sacraments

Mass attendance is limited due to COVID. Without a ticket, you will not be allowed to attend Mass.

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Important Events

Men in Faith virtual Meetings: Nov 20
Women in Faith virtual Meetings: Nov 20
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Physical Mass – Registration is Mandatory

We offer our weekly Mass at the usual time of 17.30 PM at Bruder Klaus on Sundays. Mass registration is manditory due to COVID. Please use the link “Mandatory Mass Registration

The wearing of a mask during Mass is now compulsory for all persons aged 12 and above. Social distancing and hand hygiene remain key requirements. We also request members to fill the Church from the front rows thereby ensuring all available seats are filled in a sequential manner. There will be a Hospitality Minister / Usher available at Mass each week to support the community in ensuring we remain in compliance with the RKK / BAG guidelines related to COVID-19.

The detailed and latest guidelines can be viewed as well.

Link to our YouTube Channel for Mass on Sunday at 5:30 PM

Links to other Online Masses

Religious Education

Classes have begun. If you have not registered, please visit https://esrccb.org/religious-education-registration/ to register your child.

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