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Religious Education 2017-2018

Religious Education Registration form

Religious Education Classes and Sacramental Masses are included on the main calendar on the homepage.

July-August is time to register your children for Religious Education in our community. We are offering  the following:
1. 3-year cycle to prepare for First Holy Communion
  • RE1: introduction to the New Testament, starting at age 6 or when able to read and write
  • RE2: preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (usually age 7-9)
  • RE3:  preparation for First Communion (usually age 9-11)
2. Workshops (until age 14): continuous religious education
3. Confirmation class: for baptized children who have done their First Communion

You can also register on line using the Parish email.

Whether face to face or on line, please make sure to:
  1. fill in the registration form (attached)
  2. provide the Baptism certificate (compulsory) and other documents outlined in the registration form (helpful) if you are new to the community
  3. make the payment (cash at the registration table or wired to the community bank account indicated on the form)
Parents who had their children registered in a previous year do not need to fill in a form or provide a Baptism certificate but only to indicate their intent to register and any changes to their contact information.
Please make sure to register quickly so we can book sufficient class rooms and order enough books for all children.
In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions,
Anne and Eric de La Fortelle- RE Coordinators