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Father Armin (L) and Father Kilian (R)

Fr. Armin Russi and Fr. Kilian Karrer

Father Kilian and Father Armin live in a Benedictine monastery at Mariastein, about 15 kilometers from Basel.

Father Kilian’s roots are in Basel, and he has been ministering to our community since 1995. At Mariastein he is busy taking care of the sacristy, the library, the computers and the monastery’s homepage, as well as serving as assistant guest master and religious education instructor in the neighboring village. It’s a wonder he has time for any hobbies, but he cites music and reading as his favorite free-time activities. During his studies in Rome, Father Kilian had many opportunities to practice his English with American, English, Irish and Indian colleagues.

Father Armin is guest master, organist, and conductor of the monks choir. He also teaches Gregorian chant at the music school, University of Berne. Father Armin is originally from Amsteg in the Swiss Canton of Uri, a small village 14 km from the southern end of Lake Luzern, and not far from the Gotthard mountains. In 1989, he became involved as a CCD teacher at the International School of Basel, and a few months later he became priest of the English-Speaking Catholic Community of Basel. Father Armin, who learned his English at school for 5 years, enjoys as his hobbies railways, music and reading (especially thriller and criminal stories from Mary Higgins Clark and other writers).